Obligatory “Hi 2019” Post

Here's to more posts, less whining, more dining and as much laughter as humanly possible. Hi lovelies, I blinked and 2018 was over. And what a year it was. High highs and low lows, learning about the things I want, new friendships, solidified friendships and a heck of a lot of love. But you know what? I can do better. In 2019, I can spend more time doing the [...]

5 places to get LUNCH in Paramaribo

5 places to get LUNCH in Paramaribo

All on my list for next time I go home


I am generally someone who loves to eat a homemade lunch. On the occasion where eat out i would like to get a decent bang for my buck and these five next places really hit the sweet spot.

Oso Nyang

The name of the restaurant roughly means “Food from Home” which generally describes its menu. The soups, mixed rice and veggies are a mix and match of the most eaten foods in Suriname. Theirspicy chicken is amongst one of my favorites (mine and a lot of others too because it’s often sold out)


Souposo has been a hidden gem hidden in the middle of the city.Even though the restaurant is famous for it’s signature soups it’s got so much more to offer such as their salads and cocktails. ( Life tip: Limit the amount of cocktails if you need to return to work after lunch)
My recommendation is to…

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Come with Me 

Let me take you on a walk. It won't take long, please come with me. We'll go during my favourite time of day: the morning. Don't worry, we'll go when the weather is warm but pleasant. You won't  be cold. Yes, we have to go early, because that's when the city is most beautiful. When [...]