I let my Instagram followers decide my next trip

Hi lovelies,

Was that click-baity enough? No? Well ok, I’ll try better next time.

Anyhoo, it’s not even click-bait. I actually turned to Instagram for help in deciding the destination for my next city trip. There are so many European cities on my list, and I really can’t make up my mind about which one I want to visit next. Back to Berlin or Barcelona? Milan? Florence? Valencia? I really don’t know. Thank heavens my Instagram followers were opinionated.

To keep things manageable, I split it up into three posts: Germany, Spain and Italy. For Germany the options were Berlin and Cologne, for Spain they could choose between Barcelona and Valencia, and for Italy the choice was between Milan and Florence. Are you curious yet? Here we go:

And the winner is…. VALENCIAAAAAA. WOOOO! Please tell me you “woo’d” with me or else it’s just sad…

So there we have it, I’m going to Valencia. Not anytime soon, because as you could read in my travel blog about Paris, Disneyland was expensive and my credit card is still not talking to me. I’m never going to get her to trust me again. But now that it’s officially in writing, the next time I’m going on a city trip, I’m off to Valencia.

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