Model for one day

Hi lovelies,

So we all know I’m a dancer in my spare time, and I love it. So imagine my sheer joy when I got the opportunity to do a ballet photo shoot. Living out my ballet and model fantasies? YES PLEASE THANK YOU WHERE DO I SIGN?

I asked my bestie Elfi to come along with me, and basically be a dance mom. Not that I didn’t want to do it by myself, but I figured it would be just WAY more fun to have a friend there. Turns out: I made an excellent choice when I asked Elfi, because she went into FULL dance mom mode. I literally heard her say: “omg I’m gonna cry” about three times, and I wasn’t even doing anything spectacular. Honestly, get you an Elfi. Elfi is supportive as heck.

Anyway, it was SO much fun. I was basically just doing things that I normally do whenever there’s enough space, but now in a professional setting with a face that was beat for the GODS. My makeup was so on point I didn’t want to take it off.

I just need y’all to appreciate that brow.

I was actually a fairy princess with all that glitter on my face. I’ve never felt so elegant in my life.

Sheer elegance. Clearly.

It was also so much more tiring than I expected it to be. I figured I’d just be doing a few ballet poses, not actually dancing. And yes, that’s true, but trying to get everything exactly right for every shot really takes it out of you.

Contemplating all my life decisions

But really, I had the best time. I love dancing and in a different universe where I’m taller, I’m definitely working to make it as a model. Just living my ultimate ballerina / model fantasies, with my bestie there for support? A day to cherish forever.


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