special words

Every now and then I write words that are not for anyone else. On very rare occasions, I share them anyway. This is one such occasion. Today was a bad day Not because it was Monday,I love MondaysNot because of my early alarmI love morningsNot because of workI love my job Nothing happenedNothing was saidBut [...]

Obligatory “Hi 2019” Post

Here's to more posts, less whining, more dining and as much laughter as humanly possible. Hi lovelies, I blinked and 2018 was over. And what a year it was. High highs and low lows, learning about the things I want, new friendships, solidified friendships and a heck of a lot of love. But you know what? I can do better. In 2019, I can spend more time doing the [...]

Be good today

Be good today

Be gentle and kind today. Everyday, but today a little more. Be patient and sweet. In traffic, at work, in class, anywhere at all. Be good today. The world needs you to be good today. Hug someone today. Fiercely, to let them know it'll be okay. Cry today. It's alright. Laugh today. It'll help. Feel [...]