An open letter to everyone ‘protesting’ in the Netherlands right now

Dear you,

over there, with the bricks,

the fireworks,

smashing in windows,

looting stores,

attacking hospitals,

setting fire to whatever you please,

what are you trying to do?

who are you trying to hurt?

are you mad about curfew?

are you tired of the pandemic?

whatever the reason,

i guarantee you,

you’re not hurting who you think you are

you’re hurting those already hurt

you may be spreading the virus,

adding weeks to measures,

taking resources from those in dire need

and who knows what else.

So, dear you,

with the bricks, the fireworks and the violence to spare,

I hope you’re ready to face the consequences of what you’ve done

or find it in yourself to care enough about your neighbours

to stop.

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