Let’s talk about mental health, baby

Hi lovelies,

How are you all doing? Bored, stir-crazy? Just fine?

Or are you lonely? More anxious than usual? Feeling more depressed than usual?

Literally any of the above answers is valid. It is absolutely valid to have no idea what to do with yourself. I mean, our generation, for the most part, has never consciously dealt with a crisis of this magnitude before. Of course, we’re lucky to have a roof over our heads, online education, enough food. We didn’t have to flee from bombs or famine. So yes, we are relatively lucky.

And we should be grateful for that.

HOWEVER, if I see one more person saying that “if you don’t come out of this pandemic with at least one new skill, etc etc, you lack discipline”, I will just start screaming. And considering my neighbours are home all day, every day, that would not be very considerate.

So please, be considerate of your loved ones who are struggling to hold on to their mental health.

I don’t need to hear that I lack discipline. I am well aware that in a depressive episode, I have 0 concentration. Thanks for pointing that out to me and making me feel worthless. That will definitely help me get back on track. /sarcasm

It’s so great that some (most) of you are doing just fine! Maybe this is the much-needed break you needed from every day life. Go ahead and fill your days with however many activities you feel like.

For those of you that managed to get out of bed and take a shower today, despite not having the energy to even open your eyes: I’m so proud of you. You are valid and the way you’re getting through this is perfect.

Right now is not the time to put pressure on people. It’s time to be kind. It’s that easy. I feel like I repeat that a lot here, but it is always true. Kindess costs you nothing and it is beyond precious. Ask your loved ones how they’re doing. If you notice someone struggling, reach out and ask how you can help. Your suggestions of “read a book, take a walk, do some exercises, etc”, however well intentioned, may not go over well. In stead, just ask.

I don’t have all the answers. In fact, I think I don’t have any answers. But if you find yourself overthinking, or spiralling, these things help me:

  • Anything creative! That includes drawing, colouring, dancing, making music, listening to music, knitting, crocheting, etc. Whichever one is your favourite, you can always start. If it’s not going, don’t force yourself. You can try again tomorrow.
  • When I’m doing a puzzle, I’m super focused on only that. For a few hours, no crazy thoughts, just puzzle. Maybe you have something that helps you zone out, go for that.
  • I love baking and I always feel really good afterwards. Make your favourite recipe, or order your favourite food. Who cares if it’s not the healthiest? Right now you just need to feel good about yourself. You can make up for it when you’re doing better.

You’re gonna be fine. And if you need to mute people or stay off of social media to help yourself feel better, go ahead. No one will hold it against you.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. And please, stay kind.

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