Travel Blog: Paris December 2018

Hi lovelies,

I always forget how much I love Paris, until I’m in the city. I also like to pretend I’m not a huge romantic, but oh my, Paris holds my heart. When my sister decided she wanted to celebrate her 21st birthday (I know, can you believe it? 21?!) in Paris, I knew it was going to be amazing.

We left early on Friday, December 21st. When I say early, I mean 4.30 in the morning early. How we managed to actually make it to Paris without any mishaps is still a miracle to me. I half expected to be too tired to do anything at all that first day, but like I said, I always forget how much I love Paris, until I’m in the city. Everything is just perfect. I was excited about the view from our hotel room for crying out loud.

Excuse me while I swoon over Parisian rooftops

I can’t pick my favourite part of that first day, because all of it was amazing. Although, I have to say, just walking by the Paris Opera is right at the top. I’ve recently read a book that takes place in and around the opera and I got so lost in the history of it all. The best part? My sister and cousin’s faces. They just looked so in awe, it was adorable.

I printed the picture to put in our Paris scrapbook. That’s how much I love it.

December 22nd, the Bumblebee turned 21. Obviously, we spent the day wearing Minnie Mouse Ears. We had lunch with Disney princesses, we stood in line to take a picture with Marie from the Aristocats (as one ought to do in Paris, clearly), watched a parade in the pouring rain… And my little bee assured me she loved it all. One majorly important note before we move on: THANK YOU PARENTS FOR ALL THE DISNEY TRIPS. NEARLY HAD TO SELL A KIDNEY TO BUY A SODA. JEEZ.

December 23rd? Well, I don’t remember December 23rd. We were SO tired, we slept until 14.00. And we weren’t even mad about it. We didn’t cross off everything on our must-do list, but it didn’t matter. It just means we have yet another excuse to go to Paris again. Not like we need it. After all, Paris is always a good idea.

Because I’m a lady. That’s why.

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