Obligatory “Hi 2019” Post

Here’s to more posts, less whining, more dining and as much laughter as humanly possible.

Hi lovelies,

I blinked and 2018 was over. And what a year it was. High highs and low lows, learning about the things I want, new friendships, solidified friendships and a heck of a lot of love. But you know what? I can do better.

In 2019, I can spend more time doing the things I love, the things that give me a sense of fulfilment. Go on trips, read ALL the books, endless lunch and dinner dates with my girls, and write all the things I said I was going to, but never ended up doing.

In 2019, I can be kinder and more patient. I can stand up for the ones I love and the things I believe in.

In 2019, the possibilities are endless.

So, hi 2019. Here’s to all the love and all the laughter. If New Year’s Eve is any indication, there’ll definitely be more than enough of that to go around.

NYE 2018

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