Breaking up with Ballet

No, of course I’m not, but it got your attention, didn’t it? Here’s the deal.

I love ballet unconditionally. With all my heart. Always. This is a truth.

Ballet loves me too, but differently. And as hard as that is to accept, it is also a truth.

I can be upset about that, cry, and stop dancing and be sad. Or I can focus on how much light ballet brings me, and carry on loving it forever, and letting that light shine.

Now, I have to confess. I found a new love. And oh my, is it a passionate love affair.

Jazz. I put my heart and soul into jazz and I dance more freely than I ever have before. I love everything about it, and the feeling is so mutual.

Learning choreography that challenges me to dance, actually dance, not just do the steps, and where I do not feel physically limited is bringing a new happiness to my life and I feel radiant.

You didn’t really think I could ever quit ballet, right? Because I won’t. 

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