10 things I love about Summer

As much as winter fashion is gorgeous and I LIVE for sweaters, there are a few things about summer that make my heart smile:

1. Sundresses. Yes, sweaters and boots all day every day when it’s cold, but a flowy dress that twirls with me is enough to make my day bright.

2. Sunshine. Obviously.

3. Trees. When all the trees turn green, they instantly gain this fairytale quality. Don’t ask me why, but they do.

4. Ice cream trucks in the park. Bonus points if you have to run towards them. Extra bonus points if you don’t have to run, but you do anyway.

5. The sea. One of the best parts of summer is all the hours you can spend in the sea. You’re never too old to pretend you’re a mermaid.

6. Summer sunsets. After being on the beach all day, nothing beats watching the sun set over the sea.

7. Spontaneous adventures with friends. Walking around the city, settling down in a park, talking about anything and everything.

8. Staying out in the garden/on the balcony till late at night, drinking wine, listening to music.

9. Books! I don’t know why, but I read more during summer. On an ideal day I’ll go to a bookstore, choose a new book, find a spot in the park, and read until the sun sets.

10. The memories of all past summers. Remembering al the fun things I’ve done during summer over the years makes me so happy. Of course, these memories are there all year round, but they’re most vivid during summer.

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