Come with Me 

Let me take you on a walk. It won’t take long, please come with me.

We’ll go during my favourite time of day: the morning. Don’t worry, we’ll go when the weather is warm but pleasant. You won’t  be cold.

Yes, we have to go early, because that’s when the city is most beautiful. When it’s waking up. Although, do cities ever sleep? That might be a question we’ll discuss on our walk, if you come with me.

We can share my earphones, and listen to music to fit our mood. We’re content, excited, but still waking up ourselves. Why don’t you suggest a song?

We’ll walk in the narrow streets I actively avoid later in the day. They’re still empty so we can walk freely, enjoying the sights all around us. We’ll cross the bridges, pause for a moment to take a picture of the sun reflecting on the canals. I do it all the time, but it’ll be more fun if you come with me.

We’ll smile at the man who’s getting ready to sell flowers and promise to come back later. We’ll take a peek through the store windows, making mental notes to visit them when they’re open.

I’ll slow down my pace for you, for once not in a hurry to get anywhere. We’ll take our time, making the most of the empty streets, before we have to share them with the rest of city.

Are you coming with me?

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