A wise witch once said that “Happy is what happens when all your dreams come true” and I agree.

But you see, I find that happy can mean much more than that.

Happy is waking up each day, healthy enough to go on your way and meet the goals you set for yourself.

Happy is biking in the sun and shade, enjoying the music made by a genius about a genius and doing your best not to sing a long out loud “let’s get this guy in front of a crowd”. 

Happy is having stimulating conversations with interesting and inspiring people about the things that make you, you. About the things that make up all the different parts of you, even if they seem too different to match. 

Happy is running around in the garden with a puppy, admiring the bees at work in the tree blossoms. Trying to catch the scene on camera but deciding against it because the picture on the screen doesn’t compare to the beautiful image in your mind.

Happy is spontaneously deciding to go out dancing with your friends, and hoping that those moments never end because dancing is what makes you feel the happiest. Even for my too-organised brain, the best memories are the non-organised ones, the ones that feel adventurous and glamorous because you’re all dressed up and free. 

Happiness to me is all those things. It’s sunshine, coffee, music and dancing. It’s my family and friends. It’s my sister when she sings. 

So yes I agree that happy is what happens when all your dreams come true, but look closely and you’ll find it already happened to you. 

Maybe you just weren’t looking.


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