New Year, New… oh whatever.

Hey lovely readers,

So it’s 2017 and we’re still standing. Who would’ve thought it possible after the absolute disaster that was 2016?

Okay, that was obviously an exaggeration, of course we’re all still standing. Let’s be real though, 2016 was pretty bad. I mean… DONALD TRUMP?

Yes, I chose this gif on purpose because Meryl Streep is my queen.

Enough about that. There’s no use dwelling on the past, since we can’t change it anyway. As much as I wish I could, for many different reasons.

I started writing this right after Meryl Streep went full on bad-ass (excuse the language, but let’s be real, the woman is just amazing), but I didn’t have the heart to finish it. The whole situation the world is in is just disheartening.

I have a degree in History, and does it even mean anything? What’s the point of learning about what humanity has gone through if people today are just going to ignore it? What’s the point of learning about the past for the sake of the future, if people today are just going to undo all the progress that has been made?

It’s extremely painful to see how little regard all these populists actually have for people. They say things like: Americans first, or give the Netherlands back to the Dutch, but they don’t actually care about their citizens. They want to create division. They want to assign blame for all the bad things in the world.

Does anybody really, truly, need a reminder of what happened the last time people did that? Do you need a history lesson about why we have a European Union? Honestly, it’s infuriating how incredibly selfish people can be without being fully educated. How dare you “protest” with your vote, because your life isn’t 10/10? Do you even know how hard you’re making life for ethnic minorities? The LGBTQ+ community? Women? People who need medical care? People who literally left behind every single thing they own just to try and give their children a chance of survival? Even if you did know, you wouldn’t care, because you have a “hard” life too.

I’m not attacking you, my dear readers, but I’m done being nice. I’m always nice, and I try to be considerate of everyone’s feelings, I try to show empathy and see all sides of a debate. But a lot of people in this world seem to be lacking just that. I’m trying not to sink to their level, because I really shouldn’t be creating a stronger divide. But I will not apologise for being angry. I get to be angry. I know where we came from, what we fought to the death to overcome, and what is being carelessly discarded.

My New Year’s resolution was to be nicer, because the world needs kindness. However, I think I’m allowed to raise my voice.

Will you listen?

Mel ♥

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