Introduction to Mel

I love to write. The problem is, I have so many ideas in my head, they’re never published. I get distracted by myself. So I decided to start over.

For everyone who doesn’t know me: I’m a 20-something history student, living in Amsterdam. I have opinions about everything and I never shut up. I had a blog, Adventures of a University Girl, but I feel like it wasn’t the right platform to voice all the opinions that I have. Being a student is only a small part of my life, which is why I decided to create a blog that allows me to talk about everything that keeps me busy. I will repost the entries that are still relevant to me, but mostly you’ll be reading about the new things in my life.

Be prepared for anything from social justice rants, to recaps of my experiences with manicures. I mean, these are the things I like to talk about.

Talk to you later,

Mel ♥

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