To the Zoo!

I love to babysit. Especially since the kids I get to babysit from time to time are absolute gems. Seven-year-old twins sound like a handful, but they’re just so sweet. They have spring break this week and they needed a babysitter for today. But because it’s a holiday, their parents asked if I’d be up for taking them somewhere fun for the day.

UHM HELLO??? OF COURSE I WAS UP FOR THAT. I actually suggested we go to the zoo (I reaaaally love the zoo), even though the weather forecast was not in our favour. I didn’t care, because spending the day with two fun kids in the zoo would be so worth any rain.

I’m not going to lie: I was exhausted when we got home. Making sure I had eyes on both of them, all the time, was definitely not easy. I can’t blame them, I used to run ahead to see my favourite animals when I was seven, too. I mean, I still run ahead of my family when I see something awesome. But because they were so delighted to see all their favourite animals, I couldn’t even get mad. Of course you’re going to stray a bit to get a good look at a lioness, chilling on a branch. I know I would. And I did.


So majestic.
Despite the rain, we were so lucky all throughout the day. When we got to the zoo, the baboons had just been fed, so we got to see a couple of monkeys, happily munching on some fruit. After that we got to see the tiniest monkey species in the world, from up close! I freaked out a little bit, because it was just so freaking cute. Then this beautiful bird from New Zealand gave us a little bit of a fright, because it flew right at us when it noticed us standing in front of its cage. It then proceeded to make sounds at us. Priceless. We also witnessed the feeding of the elephants. I have to tell you, seeing these huge creatures pick up tiny pieces of carrot was kind of hilarious. But then again, it doesn’t take much to make me laugh.


Seriously. Huge elephants, tiny carrots.
To top it all off, we were right on time for this show about the stars in our universe. As an astronomy lover, I think I actually cried a little bit at the beauty of it all. We were taught how to use Orion and the Big Dipper to find various constellations. Granted, I already knew, but it was so wonderful to see the kids’ reaction to the display of stars. They have this way to make you appreciate things that you otherwise might take for granted.

I really had a blast running after a couple of seven-year-olds. And I even got to see a few snowy owls while doing so.

 Talk to you later,

Mel ♥

Hot chocolate and a latte to end the day. I’m still sad I didn’t take a picture of the snowy owls.

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