Feeling 22


I am terrified of balloons. But these were okay. Sort of.

Anyone who knows me, knows that my birthday is like my own national holiday. I’m seriously considering to start a petition, to get the authorities to recognise my birthday as a holiday. I mean, it should be. 

I make it a point to make my birthday super special every year, in every single way possible. Last year, to celebrate the big 21, I had an awesome party. And I wore a button the whole day, so I could point out to everyone that I turned 21. This year, I had no clue what to do for my birthday. It needed to be epic, but also, it didn’t have to be like, huge. My parents suggested I just invite people over to their house, and we could use the swimming pool. They’d take care of catering and wine. But since I still wanted it to be a bit more, well, me-ish, I decided to have a theme. 

On February 27th, you can have all types of weather. My previous birthdays have been spent in rain, snow and sunshine. But something that we can be sure of every year, is that it will be cold. Therefore I came up with the brilliant idea to host a fancy garden party. Indoors. In reality, the only thing that really screamed ‘fancy garden party’ was the fact that my dad was wearing a super fancy vest and tie, combined with a pair of stylish shorts. Absolutely fabulous. Okay, and the fact that I ordered cupcakes with little daisies on them. 

Look at this mini cupcake. It’s so freaking tiny and cute.

As you can see, the frosting on this cupcake is green. I also had cupcakes with pink frosting, and my balloons matched. I’m not going to lie: I may or may not have chosen these colours because a witch once said that pink goes good with green. 😉

The point is, my birthday is my favourite day of the year. I start counting down the days right after Christmas. Do you know how much dedication that takes? But what really moves me, every year, is that everyone around me goes out of their way to make my day as special as they possibly can. My sister organised a whole scavenger hunt for me to find my presents. My family puts in a lot of effort to make it all the way to my parents’ house, and take their time to find me the perfect gift. I literally feel like a queen for the day, mainly thanks to all the people in my life. They make me feel like my birthday is actually a holiday. 

Talk to you later, 

Mel ♥


Let’s be real: this snapchat filter had to be used to commemorate my birthday. It’s a freaking crown of stars.
My pretty present table

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